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Congratulations to Carien Alberts who has won the Eco Tour for 2 people.

She will be enjoying the fruits and wine of this beautiful estate in the next few weeks.

Keep entering and you might be lucky enought to win a prize in the future!

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Someone is to receive a wonderful Xmas present of a 6 pack of Wedderwill wines next week.

Just share this article the way you know how and answer the easy question in the previous article on Wedderwill Wine Estate and you could be sipping on some of the finest natural wines over the festive season.

This prize is valued at around R500

Entries close on at midnight on Monday 19 December 2011 and the draw will take place on Tuesday 20 December.

Happy, healthy and responsible drinking all!

This prize includes some of their award winning wines(incl. the 2010 Semillon/Sauv Green Wine Award stunner) as well as a bottle of their Cap Classique bubbly which is only being released at end of month!

Perfect for a summers day.

To enter read the article on Waverley Hills below.

Congratulations to Janice Behr from Tokai. She is the winner of a one nights stay for two people at Parker Cottage!

May your stay be a memorable one.

The Team at Greggs Platter

A big congratulations to Jessica from Muizenberg.

She gets to enjoy a wonderful lunch at Organic at Heart for 2 people.

Happy, Healthy Eating all.

Hi all

We are giving away a R200 voucher to Organic at Heart’s organic lunch buffet.

This equates to a decent size plate of food plus one of their fantastic health juices or a more decadent item from their cake table…for two people!

To win this voucher read the article on Organic at Heart and answer the question re the article here.

Remember only subscribers can win so get a move on and keep up to date on all new ethical and organic establishments in the Western Cape as well as all the prize giveaways.

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Happy, Healthy Eating!

23 Constantia Road


Tel: 021 797 0180

Ethical Rating:


Opening times: 7.30am – 5pm, 7 days a week

Pet Friendly

The very first thing that you notice on arrival at this restaurant is the 300m² organic vegetable garden sitting in the middle of the car park, which stocks the kitchen with fresh vegetables, herbs and salads…it is so comforting to eat at a restaurant knowing exactly where your food is coming from!

The garden’s yield makes up between 50% and 80% of the fresh produce served in the restaurant depending on the time of the year and what they can’t grow in the garden, or is out of season, they buy from local, organic suppliers only.

The next thing you notice is the lovely mosaic on the wall outside the entrance under a huge palm tree. This sets the tone for what is a wonderful eating experience in a venerable national monument at this quaint and quirky local restaurant in Wynberg.

Michelle is the owner of the restaurant and her personality oozes through to everything about this place…she is a romantic, a poet, does not take herself too seriously and is very passionate about health and environmental awareness. Her nickname ‘The Organic Tart’ captures her essence perfectly.

She also has another business called Feelgood Health which produces and sells herbal and homeopathic remedies for both humans and pets.

Organic at Heart has something for everyone, no matter what your dietary requirements. The menu offers a variety of breakfasts, salads, sandwiches, burgers, incredible smoothies and daily special health juices on offer, all decently priced. The last time I was there the daily juice was a cucumber, lemon, apple, wheatgrass, mint and celery concoction which looked and tasted awesome!

Their speciality is a daily organic lunch buffet feast which is  a visual, tasty and healthy indulgence offering a delicious variety of salads, vegetables, meat and fish (their seafood supplier is officially certified by SASSI) dishes, soups, stews, quiches and curries.

They are meticulous over the sourcing of their lamb, beef and chicken(do not serve pork)  and to give you an example, their lamb comes from a farm in the Northern Cape where each sheep is totally organically reared and has about 12 rugby fields of space per sheep which is about 3 times the organic standard.

Only organic coffee is served and it is a unique, gorgeous blend made up by Michelle herself.

As at Eight @ Spier no carbonated drinks are served and like Dear Me they also have their own water filtration system on the premises which is served free to the guests.

Now on to their cakes and baked goods  which should interest a lot of you. There is a separate table laden with freshly baked goodies for you to choose from…and what a choice it is!

From vegan cupcakes to gluten free muffins to wheat and gluten free 70% Belgian dark chocolate cake and a variety of other delights it is impossible to not find something that caters for your taste.

The chef, Ashley September has been involved with organic restaurants for the past 7 years and he really does know his business well. His was previously involved with Quensch and Organic Living restaurants before moving here.

They are not licensed and you are encouraged to bring your own.

As far as cleaning and toiletries go all are environmentally friendly and they even go so far as to use organic Enchantrix products to clean the napkins and tablecloths…so no nasty chemicals for us to come into contact with.

As regards recycling…everything is recycled either on the premises or taken to the local recycling companies by Michelle or one of the staff.

They have their own worm farm into which all organic waste is thrown and which then nourishes the organic garden. Even old bottles  are used to create borders for the raised vegetable beds and to keep out moles.

There is a large courtyard/garden out the back which allows one to sit under some beautiful old trees when the weather is suitable. When it is not they have a fireplace inside to keep you warm and toasty.

All in all this restaurant has a little bit of everything for everyone and I envy the people who live in the surrounding area who are able to frequent this place on a regular basis.

Organic at Heart…the best local restaurant in Cape Town?

We are offering a R200 voucher for the restaurant’s organic lunch buffet if you answer the question below correctly. This is more than enough for a good plate of food plus a delicious cake/dessert or health juice for 2 people.

Question: What is the nickname as used by Michelle, the owner of Organic @ Heart.

If you are already a subscriber merely send the answer to

If you are not a subscriber then enter your details here and answer the question in the entry form. Remember only subscribers can win this voucher.

Entries close on Monday 24 October and the draw takes place on Tuesday 25 October.

Happy, Healthy Eating to all of you!

Thanks to Bellananda for the photography.

Greggs Platter in conjunction with Earthshine are giving away 2 of their delicious pizza’s to go – value R145 each.

See here for details of these delicious and nutritious masterpieces.

Just because we can and we love to do it!

Anyone who likes our facebook page and/or joins Earthshine’s mailing list will be added to the draw which will take place on Monday 19 September.

Entries close at midnight on Sunday 18 September and the voucher is valid for 1 month from date of issue.

Happy, Healthy Eating!

Address: 30 Woodside Drive, Pinelands, Cape Town, 7405

Tel: 074 1679792


Now that we have introduced you to some of the restaurants out there that offer exceptionally tasty and nourishing food while caring for the health of our planet as well as for our bodies, it is time to add something new and quite different.

You know how it is…sometimes we just do not feel like going out to eat but really do not feel up to venturing into the kitchen to whip up a meal either.


Natalie and Noel, the founders of Earthshine will make up a visually stunning, exceptionally nutritious and lip-smackingly tasty raw, organic pizza for you to feast on…at home or anywhere else for that matter.

I know it sounds strange but these pizza’s are seriously good and are wheat, gluten and dairy free with no refined carbs, trans fats, artificial additives or animal products.  They are suitable for people who are dealing with candida or who have coeliac disorders.

Ingredients are predominantly certified organic(unless unavailable). I can honestly say that I doubt you will get a more ethical or organic meal from a 3rd party outside of sourcing the ingredients yourselves. That is how passionate they are about health, nutrition and sustainability.

Even the base is raw and is made up of inter alia a combination of sprouted buckwheat, flax seeds and onion.

Now why raw?

Did you know that cooking any food the following happens:

  • all enzymes are destroyed in full(see related article)
  • Most protein is destroyed or converted to forms that are not easily digested.
  • Vitamin activity is enormously reduced( between 50 – 80% depending on vitamin)
  • In fact there is an average overall nutrient destuction of approximately 85% from cooking

So if you really want to eat healthy…EAT MORE RAW.

Due to its high nutritional density each pizza, at 32cm’s, is enough for 2-3 people.

They also come in half sizes which is more than enough for 1-2 people.(believe me, I have tried to eat a half on my own and it is a big ask)

At R145 for the full and R85 for the half they are not exactly cheap but look at what you are getting.

The pizzas are made to order only from Wednesday to Saturday and can be collected at one of 20 collection points in Cape Town and surrounds.

One divine variety of pizza is made each day which changes according to available produce.

Want to be remembered for a truly spectacular and unique dinner party? Then order one of Earthshine’s raw dessert pizza’s. The same care and effort is put into this one which equates to dessert for up to 8 people!

Earthshine have a shop onsite offering a variety of raw and organic products and ingredients from tasty raw chocolate treats to healthy alternatives to almost everything including the most delicious kale crisps(a healthy alternative to those oh so addictive potato crisps)

They also host very popular raw food preparation classes, one of which I attended last night, as well as a whole host of other events which are available on their website.




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