Organic / Biodynamic Wine…Fallacies debunked…

Someone asked me the other day whether I thought organic wine making techniques made better or worse wines and my answer to her was the following:

It is not about whether or not organic wines are better or worse…it is about 1st doing no harm… both to the environment and to ourselves.

Organic winemakers live by the noble ethos that one should never cause any harm in the pursuit of life’s goals…both financial, physical and spiritual. We could all learn from these amazing people.

The question, however got me thinking…there are so many misconceptions about organic wines that I thought I’d try and clear them up with this article.

  1. Organic wines are inferior to conventional wines.
    1. The answer to this is a resounding NO..the quality of any wine is determined by 2 factors only:
      1. The skill of the winemaker and even more importantly…
      2. The quality of the terroir(environment, climate etc) that the vineyards are exposed to.
    2. The better the winemaker…the better the wine and the more suitable the terroir the more expressive the wine full stop.
    3. Another question which arises within this area is…What is one looking for in a wine?
      1. Taste is a very personal preference and every wine tastes different to every single person.
      2. Is one looking for:
        1. a wine that is expressive of the terroir within which the vineyards are farmed or
        2. is one looking for that uniform flavour that the various grapes are bulldozed into tasting like via the chemicals used in conventional wines…
      3. Well with organic farming you will get much more of the former than with conventional farming…you decide.
  2. Organic wine makes one more tipsy or drunk quicker than conventional wines.
    1. This is one of the oddest statements I have come across over the past few years and one which can be answered simply and easily…
    2. Intoxicationn is caused by 2 things:
      1. the alcohol content of a wine
        1. the higher the alcohol content the greater the effect it will have
        2. The more you drink the greater the effect will be
        3. It is impossible for one wine to make you more drunk than another wine with the same alcohol content.
      2. The state of your mind/body while consuming the wine.
        1. It is quite possible to feel the effects of the same wine very differently at different occasions merely because your mind/body is in a different state at these times ie food consumption, stress etc.
    3. In fact organic wines should actually cause far less of a hangover due to the greatly reduced sulphur content of these wines!
  3. Organic wines are more expensive than conventional wines.
    1. This is all relative… as with all wine you always get what you pay for…the more effort put into it the more you are going to pay for it.
    2. Organic wines range from the cheap and cheerful R25 per bottle all the way up to the grand masters at over R500 per bottle (in France the wines can be stratospherically priced at many thousands of rand a bottle)
  4. Once opened an organic wine does not last as long as a conventional wine.
    1. This I have found to be totally unfounded.
    2. A wine of inferior quality will always decay/oxidise faster than a wine of superior quality…I regularly leave a bottle of organic wine open and half drunk for 3,4, 5 days with no ill effect to the wine.
    3. Yet again…you are getting what you pay for and nothing else

That’s it for now…hope this clears a few things up for you 🙂


Happy, Healthy, Conscious Living to you all…

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