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Schoone Oord Estate


Western Cape

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Willie and Tania de Waal, 5th generation of the family to live on the farm, Schoone Oord, which literally translates to clean earth. Interestingly enough the farm was initially purchased by their great-great grandfather out of Kimberley diamond money back in 1877

This husband and wife team do everything on the farm, from looking after the vineyards(viticulture) to harvesting, wine making, bottling and the marketing of the wines.

The tasting area is actually part of their family home and you can see from the picture above it is one of the most beautiful and characterful examples of Cape Dutch architecture I have come across

The two started by making 50 litres of wine in 1993 and each year made a little bit more until they made their first barrique of Pinotage in 1997.  The quality was exceptional and the barrique was soon finished with the help of their wine loving friends.  That was the signal to start making more and in 1999 they made 20 barriques of  Pinotage and it has grown from there. They converted to organic farming 4 years ago and are set to be officially certified by year end.

They make on average  around 30 – 50 barrels per annum depending on harvest even though 70 hectares under vine. The rest of the grapes are sold off to other organic winemakers and their grapes are in great demand.

One can appreciate from the above the personal attention that each wine gets throughout the whole wine making process. When I asked Willie which of the wines he considers his flagship his reply was “that is like trying to make me choose which one of my 5 children…impossible, they are all special!”…and special they are!

3 wines are produced:

  • Pinotage  07 – [rating: 4] John Platter
  • Syrah 07 – [rating: 4] John Platter
  • Blanc 08 – [rating: 4.5] John Platter… Blend of mainly chenin  with small amounts of chardonnay, viognier, roussanne and sauv. blanc – a cornucopia of grapes and flavours rounded off by a year in oak.

They are available at specialist wine shops like Caroline’s and Wine Concepts and upper end restaurants around the Western Cape.

These wines are unfiltered, unfined…in fact un-everything as they prefer to do as little as possible to the grapes to allow the terroir to show through as much as possible in the wines. These are not light hearted, tutti-fruity wines, but are rich, voluptuous and characterful wines with great structure made to be drunk around a table with a good meal and great company.

To quote Michel Chapoutier(world renowned French winemaker):  “Fruit and fragrance is to wine as disco is to music…ok for a R30 bottle of wine made to be drunk without thinking. However for a more serious food wine one is looking for the signature of the soil, texture, structure and flavour”

And Scali wines have these characteristics in spades!

Local sales account for only around 10% of their total sales (sadly this is the case for most of the organic wine estates in this country). The local market is still very wary of the word ‘organic’ when it comes to wine, which is really unfortunate as organic wines offer a quality product which represents the most faithful snapshot of the surrounding soil and climate in the area that one can get.

This is what one looks for in a wine…not one that is beaten into submission to produce a specific type of wine with any and all chemicals available!

Lets hope this changes in the near future as people become more informed of the benefits of organic farming practices.

Right…now for the launch of this boutique organic wine estate on Greggs Platter we are running a competition, the prize of which is a 6 bottle mixed case of Scali wine(2 of each the Syrah, Pinotage and the Blanc) from the Estate.

This prize is valued at +/- R1000, a wonderful present to one of our lucky subscribers.

The question is as follows: How many wines does Scali make?

Share this article and answer the question on our subscription form and you could be sipping on some of the gorgeous organic wine in the near future.

Remember…only subscribers are able to win the prize. Current subscribers merely have to send an email to with the correct answer.

Entries close on Tuesday 01 November and the draw will take place on Wednesday 02 November.

Happy, Healthy Eating All

All photo’s courtesy of Bellananda



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