Upland Organic Fruit and Wine Farm. Products that “Do Not Cost The Earth”

Address: Fisantekuil Farm, Wellington

Tel: 082 731 4774

Upland Organic Fruit and Wine Farm is a small DEBIO certified organic fruit and vine farm tucked away at the end of a dirt road in Wellington.

Owned by Edmund Oettle who has been farming here organically for the past 11 years, their motto is “Our products don’t cost the earth”

The farm is wonderfully rustic and quaintly unassuming and consists of approximately 10 hectares of alluvial soil along a river and 37 hectares of steep land running up the mountain.

Tastings are by appointment and are conducted by the owner/winemaker/viticulturist Edmund himself and I can think of worse ways to spend an hour or two than with him guiding you through a tasting of his organic fruits of the vine.

He is both a wealth of knowledge and an innovative and resourceful man and his cellar is a perfect testament to this.

The farm produces world class

  • Organic Brandy,
  • Organic Grappa,
  • Organic Port and
  • Organic Cabernet Sauvignon

They currently have  a 2008(R60 per bottle) and a 2005(R70 per bottle) Cabernet Sauvignon available for sale and are currently working on a sulphur free cab for release(all things going to plan) towards the end of this year.

We will be keeping you informed as to the progress of this one.

The port is a delicious, sulphite free port fortified with pure organic pot-stilled brandy, making it the only truly organic estate port in South Africa – great for those chilly winter evenings around a fire.

Upland makes 2 brandies made in very limited quantities from the finest hand selected fruit.

An interesting and unique product is the Guinevere cask strength brandy, a first in SA, and is considered their jewel in their crown…although at 65% strength not for the faint hearted.

The Grappa won the title of World’s Best Grappa at the Guldkorken international competition a few years ago…enjoy it with an Espresso, sugar and a shot of grappa – half in the coffee and the other half neat.

Edmund’s wife, Elsie,  makes a collection of handmade cards on the farm called ‘Hands Africa Cards’ and she uses disadvantaged people from the nearby Sunfield Home to assemble the cards. They are truly beautiful and are very reasonably priced at around R17 – R20 per card.

All in all…a quaint and rustic destination producing intriguing products(all from the grape) that ‘do not cost the earth’

For a detailed review of their products and ratings by Wine Magazine and then click on search in the new tab.

All photos once again courtesy of Bellananda





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