Wedderwill – Wines Blended by the Force of Nature

Wedderwill Estate

Sir Lowry’s Pass

Western Cape

Tel: +27 (21) 858 1558

This estate is a 400 hectare natural paradise combining country lifestyle living, a game park and 35 – 40 hectares of some of the most naturally grown and produced wines in the Western Cape.

Few estates work as closely with Mother Nature as Wedderwill does. They will be certified organic by the end of December and are busy with biodynamic certification(Demeter) as well, which should be completed sometime in 2012.

This will make it only our 2nd farm to be biodynamically certified after Reyneke.

Biodynamics is  regarded by some as the first modern ecological, yet sustainable farming system, and has much in common with other organic philosophies. Biodynamics emphasises the use of manures and composts, as does organics, and discourages artificial chemical programmes. The biodynamic model also considers the farm itself as a single, self-sustaining organism. An injury to one part is an injury to the whole!

The people at Wedderwill combine this ancient wisdom (organic/biodynamic) with cutting edge farming techniques as they recognise that today, technology is a powerful farming tool…its a potent combination

As Wolfgang von Loeper, viticulturist, puts it so succinctly…

“there is a world of energy and information out there that we cannot see or detect. Just because we can’t, does not mean it does not exist!”

He is a firm believer that water molecules possess “memory” of all they have previously come into contact with and that the inherent tendency of water is to replicate or retransmit this information to any water molecules it comes into contact with.

As all life…flora, fauna and human are 70% water,this ability of water to store and retransmit such information, whether good or bad, becomes an undeniable characteristic of our bodies cells.

Hence the source of water is as important to life as the water itself.

This is still a contentious subject in the world out there but there is lots of research being conducted re this.

Now back to the wines and the vineyards.

Situated on the Schapenberg on the slopes of Sir Lowry’s Pass, the farm’s south-facing vineyards are subject to the prevailing winds, embrace the sun, and survive each turbulent storm producing wines of character and quality to be savoured whatever the weather.

Their Sauvignon Blanc is outstanding and is one of the best examples of long lived sauvignon’s in the country…bar none! I was recently priveledged enough to open a bottle of the 2007 and it is drinking superbly. It still has a good few years left to evolve into an even more complex wine!

The Shiraz 05 recently won the Grand’or Award(Trophy) for Best Shiraz on show at the annual Michelangelo 2011 Int. Wine Awards…no small feat at these awards.

They have also brought out, what I think to be a marketing coup, 2 great value for money red and white blends named after the temperature they should be served at:

  • 17 Deg – Red Blend – R60 per bottle
  • 12 Deg – White Blend – RR53 per bottle

Great packaging, value for money and eminently drinkable…a winning combination.

They also do a Bordeaux Blend the latest of which is a 2004

For more than a decade now, Wedderwill has been implementing an ecologically-friendly farm management system. They are signatories to the BWI (Bio-diversity and Wine Initiative), and are one of just a handful of local estates to be declared ‘Champions in Conservation’. Biodiversity is the key, and large scale efforts have been made to clear alien vegetation and improve the health of the soil.

International expertise has also been sought to improve efficiencies in composting, mulching and the growing of cover crops. The result is less soil erosion, better use of water, and fewer herbicides.

The use of a carbon calculator helps to reduce farm wastage covering all aspects and it is their intention to be 100% carbon neutral in the near future. The International Carbon Footprint Protocol is a complicated business – but a vital one. It calculates the annual carbon emissions of a company, graded against three different levels. ‘Scope 3’ demands the highest standards, and is the one used by Wedderwill.

They are members of the IPW (Integrated Production of Wine), a voluntary industry body that is concerned with environmental sustainability, and positive human development.

I am of the opinion that this is one of the most eco-conscious and underrated wineries in the country and their future is very bright.

Luckily for readers we are able to offer one of you a sublime mixed case of their wines by sharing this article and then answering the following simple question:

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Happy, healthy and responsible drinking to you all over the festive season.

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